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Questions we get asked about buying hot tubs

Why buy a Canadian built spa?

The Caldera hot tub factory has been building hot tubs since the beginning of the hot tub concept 30 years ago, the design of a hot tub is about producing the most effective massage for you the consumer, offering the comfort of perfect water temperature, usually around 38 c, bit lower in summer time but importantly just above body temperature, hot tub owners will tell you that the last half a degree makes the difference, not too hot and not feeling tepid. Once the temp is set on your Caldera spa controller nothing, even 10 degrees below zero outside temp, will change that! Canadian spas are built for harsh climates, so they have an easy time here in the UK and tick over easily keeping water temp as you set it, the Caldera Therma zone heat lock system will keep the heat in the cabinet, the best insulation system for hot tubs, the heater will hardly come on, just pennies a day.

Why not buy a cheap one?

If you buy a cheap hot tub it will come from China or Eastern Europe, the design of the electrics is often very poor and unsafe not conforming to European CE standards, most spa service companies will not service or repair these spas because of the repeat failure or danger to the user, the solution is often complete electrics replacement for thousands of pounds, it is much more economical to buy a well built hot tub in the first place, with a backed up factory warranty. Caldera use the best equipment money can buy, from Caldera you get a well priced hot tub direct from the Canadian factory, no middle distributors, your Caldera dealer is really the factory outlet/showroom, that means the best value hot tub, with the best equipment designed with 30 years hot tub knowledge. Remember a badly designed cheap hot tub is like a heating system installed by a bad plumber, rarely works properly, costs a lot to run and needs fixing or updating and maybe replacing in a few years, a Caldera hot tub will give you 10 years of use, we would hope more.

Is the design important?

The design of a hot tub plumbing, that's the water massage and water filtration system are so important, 30 years of consumer consultations, CAD computer design programs and simulation at Caldera ensure you get the best massage from low pump power and energy consumption and makes sure the water filtration is the best possible with out the need for harsh chemicals. Caldera 24 hour water purifying system draws the used water through clean filters past the heater then into the CD ozone mixing chamber, Ozonation will zap and kill 98 % of bacteria and remove organics and things like cosmetics from the water, returning pure clean water to the spa, in a Caldera hot tub there is no need for harsh chemicals, using chlorine in a cheap spa is like poring bleach down a drain to clean it, it just blasts the germs and bacteria, but of course that means you are using the same water, with Caldera hot tubs you can use products like Lotus fresh, which does not use Chlorine or Bromine, it encapsulates any molecules in the water it does not recognise as water, kills them and leaves them in the filters to be rinsed out, leaving pure water for you to enjoy, with Lotus fresh you only have to change the water every 12 months or longer, using harsh chemicals kills the properties of the water, leaving it dead and unable to recover so will need changing every 2 months on cheaper low filtration hot tubs.

Lower filtration hot tubs, use the low speed of the massage pump for a few hours per day, Ozone rarely is on, Ozone on your Caldera spa with it's small Eco filter pump, will recover the water over night after your afternoon or evening use, a spa using a low speed pump to filter 2-4 hours a day leaves the water stagnant and untreated over night needing lots of chlorine or bromine to clean up the water or leaving it cloudy for the next user.

Where to put the spa in your home?

The position of your hot tub in the garden or home is something we can advise on: some clients like them in the sunny spot some in the secluded area of the garden offering some privacy, inside the house in a room/conservatory or maybe housed in a spa gazebo. A hot tub is portable so does not need planning permission, in some cases if on a deck or balcony it may need a builder or structural engineer to survey and advise you.

Most spas are placed on a concrete pad usual base cost £200, depends a little on the ground and work involved, but the hot tub can be moved if in years to come if you move home or fancy it in a different spot - they are called portable hot tubs for that reason. Our landscapers can quote for the work involved; electrical installation is about 2-6 hours work depending on your property, but our fully qualified electricians can site survey and quote you for the work.

How will you deliver the hot tub?

In 99 % of cases it is easy for us to deliver your Caldera hot tub into you garden, ask us for a site survey or you can even email us a few digital pictures of the proposed site and spa delivery route through the garden to allow us to advise you of whether delivery is included in the price or whether a small or large crane is needed, at a cost of £200-£800. It is a simple process, all Caldera hot tubs are plug and play so once full of water switch the power on and walk away and the Caldera system takes over, filtering and heats your hot tub up to temp, a few mins to add some Lotus fresh or similar chemical to the water and once up to temperature can get in your new hot tub, using the water proof spa user sheet, you will soon be using all its massage features.

Do you only supply spas in Dorset?

No, we can supply hot tubs anywhere in the UK, but because our showroom is in Poole we find those customers who wish to try out the spas or just come and talk through all the various options with us come from the Dorset, Hampshire and surrounding south coast areas.


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